web.archive.org is a service with which you can study the history of a domain from the moment it first entered the service database.

With the help of the service, you can see screenshots of the site, which the service makes with some periodicity.


Веб архив сайтов:

Not every site has a history in the service. A young site that has not been registered by anyone before will have no history.

History of sites since 1996

The service has been operating since 1996.

If your domain was previously used and was active (content was placed and was present in the search), WayBackMachine should keep a history of it.

Frequency of scanning and creating history

Active sites in search and large size are more often crawled by the service.

Can I delete a domain history?

As written in the documentation — you can.

To do this, send a request to info@archive.org with the domain URL and the reason why you need to delete the story. It is also necessary to confirm the ownership of the domain.

Can I add pages to the Wayback Machine?

Yes. At https://archive.org/web it is fashionable to use the «crawl my site now!» to save the page once.

It does not save multiple pages, directories, or entire sites.

How to use the Web Archive service?

An example of using Web Archive to view site history.

  • shows the history by year, select the year in the panel above
  • shows screenshots of the site by date, select the day on which you want to see the story
  • follow the links in the screenshot, you can follow the links, if the page is in the archive — it will open

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